Ayurvedic Indian Foot & Head Massage
*1 hr & 45 minute treatment Session $177
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Crystal Chakra Balance

This session begins with clearing negative and stuck energy surrounding and within the aura meridians with the use of Selenite; a natural high vibration cleansing crystal. Crystal pendulums are then used to assess the chakra vortex for any imbalances. A guided meditation and the gentle "laying on" of the gemstones on the body on the 7 main chakra points, along with the outer chakras will align your chakra energy points and help you feel more balanced and centered. Session includes crystal ball light foot massage and grounding.
* 1 hour $88

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Rose Quartz Facial Massage

Enjoy the bliss of Rose medicine magic with a gentle cleansing of the face with rose infused water and then experience the relaxing light loving touch from polished rose quartz crystals and rollers through the practice of facial massage. This experience is purely relaxing, rejuvenates and lifts up the skin to a "rosy" loving energy. Heart centered intentions are created and a natural sense of "peace and love" will arise. Included in this session is heart chakra balance, Rose essential oil on facial points & ear reflexology.
*45 min. $88 Limited Availability, please inquire as to next session.

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Ayurvedic Indian Foot Massage

An Ayurvedic traditional foot massage practice derived from India that is centuries old. At the heart of the treatment is the small copper bowl, which helps to rebalance the tridosha of Vata, Pita and Kapha. The key benefits : relaxes tired feet, improves circulation, enhances lower limb mobility, restores levels of Prana (energy), promotes sound sleep, relieves eyestrain and headaches. *Supports Detox programs by encouraging further the elimination of toxins. "In no time at all your feet will feel like they are walking on air!"
Includes tridosha traditional Ghee *45 min. $88

Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage

This ancient traditional head massage practice dates back to 1800 BC, the Ayurvedic "Art of Life" book where these techniques were written. This massage is done sitting in a chair with firm and gentle rhythm on the back, shoulders, arms, neck, head and face; the areas where tension and negative energy accumulate. It is excellent for de-stressing, eliminating toxins, improves and enhances the senses, memory and promotes clear thinking. Includes tridosha hair oil and energy work. *1 hour $99 traditional style

Custom Energetic NLP Violet Healing Sessions

Welcoming you to enter the temple sanctuary, connect with divine source and allow your soul to blossom to pure potential. This is a unique energetic healing technique that combines NLP (neuro linguistic programming), the “violet healing” method, intuition and spiritual development. It helps to clear emotional blocks and restores health & vitality. Includes drumming and/or sound healing and Oracle Card Read. 1 hr $99. Series packages are available. Book 5 sessions, $444

Oracle Card clarity Readings

Oracle Cards can lead us to clarity around a certain aspect of our present situation or you may need some general insight. This session begins with a energy clear and a channelled message from the Oracle Cards decks offered. 1-3 cards are presented and used as a tool of self reflection and guidance. 1/2 hr reading $55

Lavender & Amethyst Dream Session

~Upper Chakra Meditation Balance~

*includes Sound Healing & Oracle Card Reading
~ 1 hr ~ $88 *note this session is by special request, limited availability. inquire