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A little about Monika

The quality of life is about the time you invest in yourself

I have studied herbology and used applied plant medicine, wildcrafted, grown, and created herbal teas, and tinctures for myself, family, friends and colleagues for over 25 years. I have worked in horticulture, business and healthcare for a combination of over 30 years. My most recent passions and experience over the last 5 years are in Crystal healing & Reiki, Indian Head and Foot massage, meditation, acupressure, and sound healing. I love to spend time with my family, friends, soul sisters and cat in my zen space at home or out in nature in the forests hiking, skiing or on the water kayaking. All things green, and gardening are my passion and collecting and working with mother earths gems and crystals. My soul soars when I connect with women in sacred circle and celebrate magickal ways of our ancestors. I believe that all life flows through us and to us from a divine universal energy source. 

Mentor, teachers, coaches and certificates

I have always been researching, reading and practicing various holistic methods for many years. As a child and into my teen years, I always had a passion and love for flowers, berries and herbs. This led me to study in the early 90’s with the College of the Rockies as a Horticulture Technician and with the Wild Rose College of Natural Healing in Calgary, AB I also gained certification in Herbology Courses. The first of my 3 children was born in 1993, and I incorporated my teachings in our lifestyle. I had a large mountain garden, busy family life, worked in business administration, healthcare, and ran a rental vacation home. In 2019, I began to feel again the desire to travel, learn and gain some certification through more accreditation. The children were getting older and more independant, so I started with the International College of Energy Healing in Victoria on Vancouver Island. Through a series of online, in class practicums and teachings I now have 3 certificates from this school. Crystal Healing Fundamentals, Certified Crystal Therapy Practitioner and Advanced Crystal Healing Techniques. Summer of 2019 I also took a Indian Head Massage class with Bliss Prema on the Island to add to my repertoire. This ancient Ayurvedic massage art form dates back to 1800 BC. I did hands on practicums in all these techniques with my coaches, other students, family, friends & clientele.

It didn’t stop there as we went into 2020, I also enrolled in the Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy. I dove into the 1st Covid19 year excited to take courses in using Crystals with Reiki, Crystal-Sagge (massage with rollers, combs, wands and balls on face, neck, head and feet areas) gaining certificates in Crystal Therapy for Bodyworkers and Crystal Reiki Master. In isolation with me was my 18 year old daughter, so she got all the benefits of me practicing on her and to this day I swear it helped us both stay healthy in mind, body, soul and spirit.

in 2021 my love of learning and the holistic healing arts has not stopped! I have refreshed and completed the Ayurvedic practice of Indian Foot & Head Massage with the Canadian Training Center for Healing Alternatives.  I  launched this practice summer 2021 🙂 Look forward to connect with you all in the mountain town of Rossland!

2022 brings exciting new practices and enhanced energetic activations of new elevated consciousness through the teachings of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) with my fellow sisters and priestesses. This spring I introduce a new form of healing and offer customized sessions from the Crystal Garden.🌺🌷👼💜🙏🕊 Come enter the temple sanctuary, reconnect with divine source and blossom into your true, authentic potential. This unique energetic healing technique combines NLP, intuition and spiritual development, helps clear emotional blocks and restores health & vitality.

In 2023, I continue to meet with my tribe of women healers online and in person when possible in New and Full Moon circles, as well as celebrating the spiritual and seasonal celebrations throughout the year. I am extremely grateful to have connected with many sacred leaders, priestesses, shamans, lightworkers, healers, devas and goddesses in masterclass summits, workshops and gatherings over the years. As we have gone through these unprecedented Covid years, more than ever we need to tap out of the fear and into the flow of love and energetic balance. I look forward to meeting you and working with all you beautiful humans in Crystal Garden Healing Space. I believe that we can heal ourselves and that healers are facets to move energy through from the divine source and flow into the human form of the body, mind, and spirit.

With love, spirit and crystalline blessings, Monika

“I truly enjoyed my healing session with Monika. I chose the Aura Cleanse and Chakra Balance with crystals, gemstones and reiki. I found the session to be thoroughly relaxing for my mind, body and soul. Monika is a delight! I would definitely recommend her services”
Teresa Fry
Monika is a kind and compassionate crystal therapist. She worked hard and applied what she learned in the program diligently.  She is professional and client centered and is meant to be doing this work.  I look forward to seeing Monika’s practice thrive!”
Dawn Kirkham
Principal of the International College of Energy Healing 

“I got a massage treatment from Monika today, and I feel amazing. Can’t say enough good things! Highly recommend to relax and restore your energy :)” 

Christie Lean

*Ayurvedic Foot and Head Massage Combo, May 2022



“I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with Monika online in the Priestess School that we both attended, during this year long program we shared healing exchanges and formed deeper connections on our priestess path. I really value how open and genuine Monika is and during our healing exchanges I felt very comfortable and safe having a healing from Monika with really tangible and insightful guidance coming through for me. I always enjoy connecting with Monika and her energy is filled with kindness, compassion and understanding, with wonderful intuitive messages and insightful awareness. Looking forward to connecting more in the future to move us along on our Priestess Path. So much love and light ✨💛 Nicola 💛✨

August 2022

“Monika has been a blessing & healer to me over the past year. She has such a gentle presence & understanding that has helped me on my healing journey immensely. I have received chakra balancing & NLP violet healing and I can recommend these sessions especially if you are an empath &/or have gone through a traumatic experience. Thank you Monika ❤️

Deb Leroux

October 2022