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Rose Quartz Facial Massage

Enjoy the bliss of Rose medicine magic with a gentle cleansing of the face with rose infused water and then experience the relaxing light loving touch from polished rose quartz crystals and rollers through the practice of facial massage. This experience is purely relaxing, rejuvenates and lifts up the skin to a "rosy" loving energy. Heart centered intentions are created and a natural sense of "peace and love" will arise. 1/2 hr $45
*Optional extras: Rose essential oil on facial points and ear reflexology. *45 min. $55

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Ayurvedic Indian Foot Massage

An Ayurvedic traditional foot massage practice derived from India that is centuries old. At the heart of the treatment is the small copper bowl, which helps to rebalance the tridosha of Vata, Pita and Kapha. The key benefits : relaxes tired feet, improves circulation, enhances lower limb mobility, restores levels of Prana (energy), promotes sound sleep, relieves eyestrain and headaches. *Supports Detox programs by encouraging further the elimination of toxins. "In no time at all your feet will feel like they are walking on air!"
Session is 45 min. $65 with Ghee

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Aura Cleanse & Crystal Chakra Balance

This session begins with clearing negative and stuck energy surrounding and within the aura meridians with the use of Selenite; a natural high vibration cleansing crystal. Crystal pendulums are then used to assess the chakra vortex for any imbalances. A guided meditation and the gentle "laying on" of the gemstones on the body on the 7 main chakra points, along with the outer chakras will align your chakra energy points and help you feel more balanced and centered. Session 1 hr $65

Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage

This ancient traditional head massage practice dates back to 1800 BC, the Ayurvedic "Art of Life" book where these techniques were written. This massage is done sitting in a chair with firm and gentle rhythm on the back, shoulders, arms, neck, head and face; the areas where tension and negative energy accumulate. It is excellent for de-stressing, eliminating toxins, improves and enhances the senses, memory and promotes clear thinking.
Session 45 min/ $65 no oils. $75 with tridosha hair oil & energy work

Give your stress wings and let it fly away

Custom individual healings are offered with the use of Crystals, Reiki, Meditation, Sound, Massage, Acupressure, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Herbals and Candles.

Lavender & Amethyst Dream Session

~Upper Chakra Meditation Balance~

*includes Herbal Tea ~ 1 hr ~ $55

Coming this Fall...2021
Crystal Grid Activation

Supercharge your life with intention and sacred geometry, we will create, build and activate a Crystal Grid bringing in high vibrational crystals, stones, and herbal magick. This session can be done in person or zoom in ritual ceremony. $55/hr

Coming this Fall...2021
Moon Temple Circles

* For women only, we will honor your sacred moontime with herbs, crystals, talking stick, oracle card reads, peaceful meditation and journal time. Moontimes have traditionally been times when women care for each other while retreating into Moon Womb Temples. *In person & zoom monthly upcoming dates this fall and winter TBA. If you are interested please contact me or check blog for next upcoming dates!